4 Reasons You Should Be Listening to “Call Her Daddy” Podcast.

“…If you’re a man and you’re sliding into the DMs what do we want to tell them? Don’t be creepy…sliding in with anything sexual is a no-go…get the fuck out of here…don’t say anything about her looks.”

– “Call Her Daddy”Podcast

“Call Her Daddy” is a must-listen-to podcast because these girls not only normalize the concept of hot girls talking about sex in ways that is hard for guys to wrap our heads around, but they’re going to give you the tips and tricks you need to hear.

1.) It’s Fucking Hilarious

It is raunchy and raw. But beyond all the sex talk are some really funny stories from the perspective of the female – stories of shitty dates, weird things guys do, and listeners sending in their stories of absolutely “no fucking way” type shit.

2.) It Emphasizes That Girls Get Horny

I think a lot of times guys get into this mindset that girls just don’t have sexual thoughts. Newsflash!!! They do mother-fucker. Girls think about sex, they enjoy getting railed and being kinky – they just don’t particularly like it as the absolute first thing you bring up when you slide into their inbox. That said, realizing that girls are interested and have opinions about sex is really important to understand because it helps you as a guy realize that you can appropriately (i.e. when the time is right) make sexual advances without this fear that girls just don’t think about sex as you do. You’re wrong. They do and they have strong opinions on what they do and don’t like.

3.) You Want to Be Part of the #DaddyGang

Every once in awhile I swipe across a girl who has #DaddyGang in her profile. These are sex-positive girls who know how to suck a dick and if you’re not familiar with “Call Her Daddy” you’re missing out on the ability to connect with them over a topic that is easily sex-positive. You listen to “Call Her Daddy” and suddenly, you’ve got the opportunity to flirt about “GDRs” (Good Dick Reviews) and “Gluck, Gluck 9000s” (the greatest blow jobs ever in the history of ever) and it’ll be entirely appropriate because you’re referencing their #DaddyGang profile mention.

4.) You’ll Have Better Sex

These girls get absolutely raw when it comes to telling you what you need to know about sex. They’ll give all the information you didn’t know you needed to know. One second you think spelling the ABCs on a clit is enough to get your girl all hot and bothered and the next you’ll be realizing she’s one “Cooch Gobbler” away from leaving your sorry ass – so you better learn what the hell it is. Best of all, once you start eating pussy by like a pro thanks to Alex and Sophia (that bad bitches behind the microphones), your girl is going to take note. She’s going to listen to “Call Her Daddy” and realize its 1000 times better than whatever shit Cosmopolitan has been printing and before you know it they’ll be giving her tips on how to ride your dick in ways you didn’t know were possible.

I don’t think I really comprehended just how nasty girls can really be until I started listening to them on my Spotify. And if you aren’t already, you should be listening to them as well!

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