6 Reasons Des Moines is a Great Place for a Bro to Live

When you think of cities for a “Bro” to live, Iowa’s options probably aren’t at the top of the list. In fact, Brobible put together a list of 18 best cities for “Bro’s” and not a single one of them included the corn state. #1 on their list was Los Angeles and you know we’re not going to disagree with that, but Des Moines, IA is a fucking overlooked gem for any bro’ looking for a place to call home.

Bacon Festival

That’s right dude! Des Moines has an entire festival dedicated to the greatest food on Earth – BACON! If you’re a bro’, you eat bacon like it is going out of style.

The Iowa State Fair

Every bro’ knows, the state fair is probably the greatest place to check out chicks. The sun is shining, the girls are fed (thus happy), they’ve got their short shorts on and life is good!

Seriously, the hottest girls show up at the Iowa State Fair with their cowgirl boots, daisy dukes and cleavage-filled flannels – there should be a celebration of Hotties of the Iowa State Fair! I mean, does sexiness come on a stick? Err…enjoy and get out there!

The Cost of Living is Reasonable

We’re bro’s, not ballers…well, I dunno maybe some of you are “baller bros”. While some of us might be throwing down some Madden from the comfort of Manhattan Penthouse, the rest of you “big city” bros are chowing down take-out Chinese in studio apartments that cost as much as a 3 bedroom apartment in downtown Des Moines. As in, you can actually afford to take girls on dates, buy the hottest video games, and still afford to have a roof over your head.

The Most Beautiful Girls in The World Live Here

Seriously, the Jack Kerouac quote is emblazoned upon the wall of Hello, Marjorie – a local cocktail lounge in downtown Des Moines. What did Jack Kerouac mean by that? I might be biased, but the women around here are just naturally gorgeous and you’ll find such a wide array of women. There’s like a melting pot of beauty around here, but since Iowa is such a laid back and kind place to live you don’t tend to get all that yuppie “Sex and the City” or fake “Jersey Shore” stuff – you just get beautiful girls with kind, wholesome personalities…and they know how to drink beer.

We Love Our Beer…And You Will, Too

If you haven’t heard already, Iowans know how to drink beer. But we can do more than just shotgun a 12oz can of Coors, we’re becoming a hub for craft beer enthusiasts as well.

Finance and Insurance Hub

Des Moines is a major hub for the insurance industry and as a branch of that plays well into the finance sector. And aren’t those basically the job all white collar bros are seeking once they get their MBAs…

Seriously, Des Moines is NOT boring

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Hi, I spewed out all the shit you just read! I like long walks on the beach (but I'm mostly surrounded by cornfields), challenging the status quo of the dating scene, fucking all the rules of dating and encouraging men to live their best life. When I'm not trying to keep the lights on around here and raise two little girls, you can find me drinking and partying - you know the key Wallstreet success...ballin'.

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