About ‘Bro, Scrub Your Balls’

It’s Like “Girl, Wash Your Face”, but for those of us with testicles.

– That’s Our Fuckin’ Motto, Bruh…

Bro, Scrub Your Balls is partially an exaggeration and satire of “bro culture”, and yet in part is also an embrace of it, while encouraging a call-to-action to dig a little deeper into the crevices of our masculinity and get a little unapologetically personal with ourselves – perhaps a bit offensive – and challenge ourselves to become men that take pride in who we are and put our self-doubt behind us without forgetting that it is okay to live life like a mullet – professional in the front and party in the back.

We’re the friends that shotgun a Busche Latte with you playing beer pong and sit in the garage on Sundays watching the storms roll in just to talk about life.

We’re the dads with search history’s that wouldn’t make a pastor proud but also want to raise our daughters the best we can so they have self-respect.

We’re guys that joke about tongue punching girl’s fart boxes, but ultimately want to show women kindness and work to be better men.

“Bro, Scrub Your Balls” is genuine, and sometimes savage. It is considerate, but sometimes a little bit frat bro inappropriate (sometimes a fucking lot). It is an expression of the sword fighting bro-love my friends and I share, a site that will slap you in the nuts when you’re not looking (because that’s shits funny if we’re drunk) but always have a couch for you when life has you down. We’re the blog that drunkenly encourages you to “fuck all the bitches” at the urinal Friday night to get over a break-up and then texts you Saturday to buy you lunch and make sure you’re doing okay in life.

So, girl, go wash your face, this blog is for boys – and so are Saturdays…

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Hey, Bro’!!

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