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Hey! I’m Landon and welcome to my blog! Thank you for your consideration in advertising your brand here. This page will provide some information about the blog, the type of content you can find here, our readers, and of course what type of advertising services are available with us.

About The Site: “Bro, Scrub Your Balls” was launched in the summer of 2019, a play on the trending women’s self-improvement book “Girl, Wash Your Face”. The objective of the blog was to be a source of motivation for men to improve their own self-confidence, an outlet of personal concerns in my own life, and have a little fun with content geared toward guys. It is a unique dichotomy of seriousness and light-heartedness, reflective of my own personality.

As such, our website appeals to a variety of guys and thus products – ranging from grooming and sexuality to fashion and entertainment.

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About Our Readers and Followers

Our Audience Is Primarily (74.6%) Male

While blogging genders are split evenly, lifestyle blogging appears to be an industry dominated by women in both readers and writers. The nature of some of our content and how it has found in search results means that it is often organically found by women as well; however, the vast majority of our visitors and followers are men. Our articles primarily deal with issues from a male perspective as well as generally involve male concerns. Aspects of our site such as the “Babe of the Month“, our raw attitude toward language, and articles in the vein of “Urinal Etiquette” keep male readers engaged. (According to Google Analytics)

They’re Primarily 25-34 Years Old

Visitors to our website are most likely to be 25-34 years old, with groups 18-24 and 35-44 following up in second and third. The content of the site is aimed to attract those audiences and is further promoted through various social networks in an attempt to reach that very audience. This audience tends to appreciate content that remains relevant to their lives in serious issues while appreciating content that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

User Geo Analytics

They’re Almost Entirely From The United States

User Geo US Analytics

Our primary audience is from the United States, although aside from being written in the English language and based in Iowa, our blog’s content can be relative to visitors anywhere. As you’ll note, while the vast majority of our visitors are from the United States, we have visitors from all over the globe.

And We Get Average Roughly 20-40,000 Page Views Monthly

Currently, we see roughly 93% of our visitors being new to our site, continually growing our reach to new audiences. This means, your brand won’t just be discovered by our returning visitors but will be put in front of new audiences every day!

In any given month, we generally see roughly 40,000 new users – over 90% of our traffic is new.

What Are They Reading

Our site has a dichotomy of providing serious and thought-provoking articles that challenge the status quo of dating, help men improve their confidence, and encourage men through difficult times while also surrounding that material with humor and articles that don’t take themselves as seriously – getting more Tinder matches and joking about the matches we should never ever date!

What Does A Partnership Include?

The details of each partnership are unique, which is why we require a message to get started so we can have a conversation about what you have in mind and what we can provide in return for your budget.

Guest Blogging: We offer guest blogging services where we write content for your blog and your product. The cost of this service will vary on the length and requirements for the guest blog and whether backlinks to our own site are allowed if relevant keywords or phrases are available in the content we write. Depending upon the budget available, we may also provide marketing for the guest blog to our social media channels.

Sponsored Posts: If you’d like to write a post for our blog, we’d love to consider how it fits into our existing content. The most powerful promotions are those of which tie into our existing dichotomy of either serious posts related to male confidence and dating or comedy and bro humor. When possible, sponsored posts will additionally be marketed to our Facebook pages and are immediately added to our sitemap for inclusion in web results.

Banner Ads & Links: Throughout our site, you will find a variety of banner ad locations. We offer marketing services to take over banner ads for a period of time, the cost of which will be determined by that period and the locations that are chosen. Additionally, we offer keyword takeovers, where we can link a URL to certain words and phrases found on our site. Keep in mind, click-through rates can be difficult to guarantee as online users become more accustom to avoiding clicking on advertising, thus banner ads tend to serve more like marketing material for brand awareness than actual conversions. Consider online advertising to be more about engaging with audiences like viewers of television where you increase awareness.

Social Media Campaigns: Piggyback off our existing social media profiles and advertising management abilities to launch an advertisement through us on your behalf.

Brand Ambassadorship: Get your brand in front of my audience beyond the website by using me as a brand ambassador as your personal influencer.

Model/Influencer Promotion: Are you a model or influencer looking to increase your followers? We can help by making you a “Babe of the Month” – absolutely free! Simply send me a message to get the conversation started. You’ll need at least 2 sexy pics and an Instagram profile to link to.

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