Gifts to Buy a Bro

Bros don’t do gift exchanges with other bros. We buy each other beers, we cover each other when we need a condom, but we don’t go out and make a deal about picking up a gift and wrapping it up for our buddies. In fact, it’s probably worth adding that to the BroCode CoMANndments.

But if you have a bro in your life – you know the type – you’re probably wondering what do you buy that person?

Or maybe you’ve got grandma Judy pinching your little frat boy cheeks asking you what you want for your birthday and you don’t have a clue what to tell her you want. Granted, if you ask for Madden she’ll probably end up buying you Madden the version for Playstation 2, but dammit grandma tried! But if grandma is the technical type, send her on over to this page because we’re putting together a list of the best gifts to buy a bro.

Trevor Wallace Comedy Apparel

With a tagline like “If you ain’t lit, you ain’t shit”, you know Trevor Wallace is going resonate with bro culture – even if his style of comedy is a caricature that pokes fun at it. I mean, just look at the shirts ‘n’ shit he has available.

1000 Count Package of Red Solo Cups

The red solo is the king of props when it comes to socializing. Shit, even country music has a song about the Red Solo cup. In fact, bros spend so much time around these cups, their hands are often permanently paralyzed in the shape of gripping one. Buying a bro Solo Cups in bulk is basically making an investment in their social lives and competitive natures.

Balls of Steel Metal Ice

Sure, Saturday afternoon may consist of tailgating with a dirty 30 of Natty Lites before hitting up the bars, but sometimes bros just like to wind down with a glass of premium whiskey for poker night. Every guy will appreciate a fancy glass set and a Balls of Steel metal iceball to keep their drink cool.

balls of steel whiskey metal ice kit

And of course, you’ll need to some premium glassware to pour it in. We recommend this sweet whiskey glass designed with a convenient holder for a cigar. It’s perfect for evenings with the boys.

Saturdays Are For The Boys Flag

Speaking of guy’s night, every bro needs to proudly wave the banner that “Saturdays Are For The Boys“. The phrase, made famous by Barstool Sports, has now become synonymous with weekend shenanigans.

saturdays are for the boys flag


Nothing will excite a bro on a night out partying as much as passing around the breathalyzer to see who has the highest BAC. Listen, you should call a cab and not rely on this, but it does make for one hell of a gag at a bachelor party.

Aqua Jet Razor

I get it, buying a bro a shave kit that isn’t an electric razor might seem a little intimate – but you don’t have to make a big deal of it in helping a bro manscape. But for real, the Aqua Jet Razor is pretty awesome. It’s the first and only shaving system that’s entirely chemical-free.

aqua jet razor


Bro life goes like this. Thursday night is poker night. Friday and Saturday bros let loose. But Sundays are for beer trails with buddies and when bros visit a new brewery and find a beer they love, they want to enjoy it all week long. That’s why every bro needs a growler.

Tailgating Necessities

The quintessential bro activity: tailgating. Anything to do with tailgating will be a safe bet as a gift for a bro. The sky is limit when it comes to accessories for it, but one thing every guy will enjoy is a custom set of bag boards.

Tinder & Video Game Gift Cards

What do bros do when they aren’t bro-ing out? They swipe right on Tinder and chill on the couch with their PS4. There isn’t a bro I know that couldn’t benefit from some digital wallet points for their PS4 or Xbox. And of course, to keep them at the front line of Tinder (so everyone can stop asking when he’ll bring a girl to Christmas), some Apple Store or Google Pay credits would be perfect.

Discount Video Game Gift Cards

Have an idea or product you think a bro would love? Let us know!

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