How to Buy A Lambo Without Being a Millionaire & Why All Bros Need One to Become One

Of all the exotic cars to choose from, the Lamborghini is the quintessential “bro” supercar. Bitcoin HODLers the world over set their sites on ownership once their cryptocurrency’s value soars to the moon, but what if you didn’t have to be a millionaire to own a Lamborghini and what if I told you that perhaps the quickest way to become a millionaire is by buying a Lamborghini.

Why Buying a Lamborghini Before You’re “Rich” Helps You Become Rich

One of the reasons that the rich get richer is that their wealth affords them attention. If you can grab people’s attention, it is amazing what you can achieve. It’s the primary purpose marketing agencies include Lamborghinis in their dropshipping ads on Facebook and predatory MLM schemes or real estate investors selling you their “get rich with real estate” programs catch your attention with piles of cash and expressions of their wealth.

You want that wealth and because of that you’re willing to give them your attention – and if they can get your attention they can get your cash.

Affording a Lamborghini without being a millionaire requires you to leverage how to use that asset in a way that will allow it to give back to you. Obviously, just parking the car in your garage isn’t going to pay for itself. The objective here isn’t to just buy a Lamborghini using some 84-month loan, but rather to leverage that ownership in a way that demands attention that puts more money in your pocket.

And that’s why, despite financial advisors suggesting against it, buying luxury cars and exotics can actually be just as advantageous to building wealth and starting up a business. It’s the reason you show up to an interview in a suit instead of sweat pants. A basic car that gets you from point A to point B will cost a helluva lot less than a supercar, but you can’t leverage a Honda Accord into making sales, increasing your network, and gaining positive exposure.

One of the ways to remain hungry for making money and getting out there and hustling to generate cash is the looming desperation of upcoming bills. Nothing quite gets your ass into gear like going to work knowing your electricity is getting shut off if you don’t get a paycheck, and in that same vein nothing makes you fight for that promotion like knowing that if you want to keep your Lamborghini, you’re going to have to find a way to make the payment.

Just like that upcoming Lambo payment.

It’s the sort of catch 22 that exists so often in life. So you know what, fake it until you make it, but just make sure that Lamborghini fits into a plan for making it.

5 Ways A Lambo Could Actually Make You Money

1.) You’ll Turn Heads

Like I said, one of the main ways to make more money is to gain more attention and to leverage that attention. People go to professional networking events to meet people, but owning a Lambo is like driving around a networking event – people of all walks of life have their eyes on you and want to connect. Most importantly, we become the people we surround ourselves with. Spend your time in car clubs of Honda CRX owners and you’ll connect with people that make incomes for Honda CRXs. Find a way to buy a Lambo, and you’ll start driving around with car club members that have incomes for Lamborghinis.

You can literally post a photo of your Lambo on social media and you’ll be generating likes and comments. Unfortunately or not, we live in a society fueled largely by social capital. Guess what happens if you add a referral link to some brokerage account where you get a commission for signups to that post. It’s going to get clicks.

2.) Your Reputation Will Increase

It seems so shallow to suggest that the type of car you drive will affect your reputation, but as long as you keep a mature head on your shoulders, your reputation will have a positive benefit by owning a Lamborghini. This sort of fits in with item number one here, but people that don’t generate attention (positive or negative) end up with mostly unmemorable and indifferent reputations. Driving a Lamborghini in a town where people drive F150s is memorable. Having a person behind the wheel that people remember in a positive light creates great reputations. Reputations create opportunities and leveraging those opportunities is how you gain wealth.

3.) You Can Earn Money Just By Driving the Car

Nobody wants to watch videos of a guy driving around a Dodge Neon, but people will spend hours on Youtube drooling over their keyboards at a lifestyle they wish they could attain while watching guys drive around Lamborghinis. You’re literally staring at this page, which in turn earns me money (thanks for that by the way!), because of your interest in owning a Lamborghini. I’m literally leveraging the concept of ownership and the name Lamborghini to line my pockets in a similar method that you owning a supercar could do as well.

4.) Your Girlfriends Will Be Hotter

Listen, we all hate gold diggers, but at the end of the day, women that know their worth aren’t just going to settle for average men. Likewise, if you’re driving around a Lamborghini, you aren’t going to be settling for average girls either. If you had a vagina and were gorgeous, would you choose the cute guy driving a Toyota Corolla or the cute guy with a Lamborghini? Duh…

Here’s the thing though, while you use your Lambo to leverage wealth-building opportunities, so too will gorgeous women. This is how you end up with power couples. Just as the rich get richer, people with attention gain more attention. Those two concepts play well together.

5.) You’ll Feel the Pressure to Generate Wealth

People are wealthy often as a result of risk and you know what buying a Lambo is a risk, just as starting a business is. When you launch a new business, you’re hungry and desperate to make sales to meet payroll. I like to think of the Lamborghini as the looming “payroll you drive” that constantly pushing you to make money and avoid selling it.

See, you ended up on this page to figure out how to buy a Lambo which in turn generates revenue for me. Imagine what’s possible owning your own Lamborghini.

How to Afford a Lambo Without Being Wealthy

First, the term wealthy is a bit subjective. This article isn’t for everyone because there is at least a certain minimum of income or wealth required, but the bar is often a lot lower than most people imagine. I think a lot of people suggest that to own a Lamborghini you have to be a millionaire and that’s frankly not true. That said, there is a sort of fake it to make it the reality that can exist through owning one and the initial steps to ownership can actually be pretty reasonable, especially if you can (as I’ll mention again and again) leverage the ownership into a money building asset.

Good Credit Is Absolutely Required

You’re going to need stellar credit in the 750 range. If you can’t afford to pay your bills historically, no one is going to be giving you a loan for a supercar. There are all types of step by step information available to improving credit scores, but ideally, you want to be in a position of a great credit score that isn’t a result of gimmicks but from responsible spending practices. Why is this important? Because an underwriter for the loan is going to dive into your credit history to ensure that your historical spending practices are sound and that despite having a strong you score, you don’t have hidden defaults buried beneath the good score.

Long Term Financing Is Your Friend

Let’s say you want to buy a $50,000 truck – pretty common price tag for a new vehicle these days. Most people probably end up in a 60-month financing term with a payment of around $900. And what do you have? A vehicle that gets buried in a sea of monotony at the mall.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can get 84-month financing with good credit for many exotic cars and that a reasonably-priced used Gallardo can often be found for under $90,000. We’re talking an extra $200ish a month for a couple of extra years to own a lime green, head-turning supercar. And while many people trade in their vehicles at a huge loss of depreciation after 60 months, only to turn around and pick up a new car payment for another $900, the used Lamborghini has already depreciated prior to your ownership and will hold its value fairly well.

Best of all, the insurance on a Gallardo is likely less than what many people are paying for regular cars. My buddy is paying over $150 a month for full coverage on a BMW. Price for a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo with a $1000 deductible through State Farm? Just under $200 per month.

Now, The Disclaimer

Listen, I’m a huge proponent that sometimes you just have to buy the damn Lambo. You can’t take your money with you and if you’re in a position to afford to make one part of your lifestyle, fucking do it. Except, that doesn’t mean anyone and everyone that ends up on this page should go and take out a loan for a Lamborghini.

As I’ve said before.

Get yourself an emergency fund. Pay down your debt. Get yourself an IRA. Open an HSA. Be fiscally responsible…

Landon – “Just Buy The Damn Boat”

That said if you’re debating buying a brand new Ford F150 for $60,000, you’re probably already in range of affording a Lamborghini and not having a car that looks like every other car on the lot.

However, it is important to note that maintenance on a Lambo can be pretty expensive, so maximizing your DIY knowledge can be a huge benefit and taking advantage of independent shops is important, too. I’d recommend learning how to drive a manual transmission as well because the cost of ownership is far cheaper than the automatics.

But the fear of maintenance doesn’t scare people away from buying trucks and cars used where engine overhauls would be just as expensive, albeit without any sort of attention in return. So, if you can swing the payments and maybe learn how to do your own brake pads, entering the world of Lamborghini ownership might be closer than you think.

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