I’ll Never Drink Busch Light Again

Over the past few years, Busch Light has become as much of an Iowa icon as the endless rows of corn stretching as far as the eye can see in each direction of I-80. Or the butter cow.

And yet, literally over night Busch Light has found itself in the cross hairs of beer drinkers across Iowa. You’ve heard of Iowa nice. Well, Iowa isn’t so nice when you destroy those we come to love and support. And this why we no longer support the beer of bros.

Hello, Coors.

Intriguingly, this week’s PR nightmare for Busch Light and The Des Moines Register comes off the coat tails of a PR sensation surrounding 24-year-old Carson King. While attending the Cy-Hawk game, King held up a sign on TV requesting viewers resupply his Busch Light fund using the displayed Venmo account. As donations rolled in, the funds exceeded stocking up the beer fridge, and he ended up deciding to donate the bulk of the cash to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

The act of charity caught the eyes of Busch and Venmo, each pledging to match donations. Eventually, donations exceeded over a million dollars. Neat, right?!

But then along comes The Des Moines Register and “journalist” Aaron Calvin to ruin it all. As part of a “routine background check” for an interview, Calvin uncovered a couple of allegedly racist posts on King’s social media…from 2012…when King was 16-years-old. Oh, and they weren’t even King’s original content. They were literally shared from Tosh.0.

As a result, Busch decides to embrace the cancel culture we live in where forgiveness, consideration for adolescense and statutes of limitations fail to exist and cuts all ties with Carson King.

I mean, we are talking a whole new level of Busch League here. We’ve got a whole new meaning to the term.

And Iowans are pissed.

King, of course, issued a sincere apology, but Busch seems to stand by their decision and seems blow the issue way out of proportion. Ironic considering Anheuiser Busch is guilty of their insensitive sexist and racist advertising campaigns. Not to mention their own advertising support of Comedy Central during Tosh.0.

anheuser busche hypocritical ad

But it gets better, because karma is a bitch.

Aaron Calvin and The Des Moines Register have been met with the full wrath of the Twitter community with the DMR losing Facebook page likes by the thousands as users expose a variety of insensitive material posted by the very “journalist” that outed King. You can literally refresh their Facebook page and watch the likes disappear en masse each second.

Ah, sweet revenge.

So here we are, welcoming beer brands that aren’t such hypocritical shit shows into our Iowa nice hearts. Just don’t mess with Iowa Legends like Carson King. What should be the new beer of bros?

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