Is A Girl Calling Me “Bro” a Friend Zone Word?

This girl I like always calls me “bro”? Is bro a friend zone word?

Friendzoned in New Hampshire

In terms of the current dynamic of the relationship, I’d assume that it is being said platonically. I mean, girls don’t really go around calling each other “sis”. They probably say “hey, bitch”, but since that would never fly unless you’re gay, I’m just going to go that you wouldn’t call her “sis” in return unless it was platonic.

I don’t think anyone really throws “sis” around like they do the word “bro”. Probably why it is called “Girl, Wash Your Face” and not “Sis, Wash Your Face”.

Maybe it is just a weird form of flirting for her and she is crushing hard or maybe you’re a brother figure. We’ll never really know unless you get assertive and ask her yourself.

Either way, don’t lose hope. There are two very important things to remember.

A.) If you’re assertive with your feelings and already have a great relationship, the platonic nature can become something more intimate.

B.) Just because a girl calls you “bro” instead of “babe” doesn’t mean she won’t have incredible value to your love life. She might just be the world’s greatest wingman as long as you don’t completely fixate yourself on her romantically.

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