How to Save 9.4% on Video Games

Being a bro and playing video games go hand in hand. Are you really bros if you don’t sit on the couch Saturday afternoon before a night out playing Madden? No, you’re not.

Problem is, video games aren’t cheap and you’ve got to make some major cutbacks if you’re going to buy that Lambo.

Thankfully, I recently came across a way I save up to 9.4% on my video game hobbies by using an app from

I Save 9.4% On My Playstation Gift Cards

After downloading the Raise app, you’ll have access to a variety of gift cards at huge discounts. Currently, the Playstation Network gift cards are at an amazing 9.36% off (this value can fluctuate). I actually picked up a card for my PS4 subscription and the digital delivery came to my account within a few minutes.

If Xbox is More Your Thing, Check Out 8.5% Discounts is a marketplace for used and new gift cards. Users selling gift cards take steep discounts to liquidate their value while buyers take advantage of these savings when they need to purchase some digital content on their Xbox – or any other brand available on the Raise app.

Nintendo Fanboys Can Get A Sweet 10% Cash Back

In addition to buying the gift cards at discounted rates, such as the 8% right off the top available for Nintendo eShop gift cards, buyers can also take advantage of cashback incentives. At the time of this writing, brand new gift cards for Nintendo on were at a whopping 10% cashback. This means you get 10% back directly to your Raise account that can be spent toward another gift card on their marketplace.

Needing a New Console?

How about getting the latest generation of video game consoles at 4.6% off. Given a new console could easily set you back $600+, you’re looking at saving around $27 just for buying the gift card from the Raise app instead.

Is the Raise app legit?

I’ve been using the Raise app for several months now without a hitch and they guarantee all the cards they sell having the balance promised. Most of the cards have been received to my account within 5 to 10 minutes, though on one occasion it did take about 24 hours. I’ve also sold a card on the Raise app and the process went smoothly. I was paid quickly and went without a hitch.

Buying Is Super Simple

To buy a gift card on Raise, you simply tap the gift card price you want to add it to your cart. This will reserve the card for 10 minutes.

Then click on “View Cart” and you’ll be prompted to pay after you click “Buy Now” using the linked credit card (even more cash back depending upon your credit card). In a few minutes, you’ll receive an email and the virtual gift card will be added to the “Cards” tab where you can click on it to reveal the bar code.

If you want to start buying video game gift cards (among hundreds of other popular stores at discounts upwards of 20%), head on over to!

Selling a Gift Card is Just As Easy

Have a gift card lying around you want to get rid of, simply create an account at and then click on the “Sell a Card” link.

Simply search for the store brand of your gift card to see if it is available on the marketplace and click on the store when it pops up.

Next, you’ll provide the serial number and PIN of the card.

Set the current balance of the card and the amount you want to sell for.

That’s it. Check a couple of boxes to confirm the acceptance of terms and list them on the marketplace.

If you’re ready to start selling gift cards, head on over to!

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