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Here at Bro, Scrub Your Balls, we’re passionate about a lot of things: improving our male confidence, beautiful women, and of course (if our domain name is any indication) the importance of manscaping…though, our brand is actually a play on “Girl, Wash Your Face”.

There’s a good reason for that.

With the Coronavirus quarantine going down, certain *ahem* “areas” of my life have been put on the back burner. Thanks to the folks over at Aqua Jet Razor; however, I arrived home to find a package on my doorstep that would hopefully get my nether region back in order.

For the sake of full transparency, recently the peeps over at Aqua Jet Razor asked if they could send me their “revolutionary” new shaving kit.

Of course! Who the hell turns down free stuff? Not me…

I receive this razor fully expecting it to suck. I figured it was just some cheap, gimmick “as seen on TV” crap. I’ll tell you what, though, when it comes to manscaping, this razor is where it’s at. A constant jet of water blasts whatever gets stuck in the blades from your 1970’s esque bush.

It’s pretty great.

I don’t think the Aqua Jet Razor is designed specifically for shaving pubes, but given the system hooks up to the shower it goes without saying it’s going to be getting a good chunk of its mileage chopping bushes down south. The question is, does it do a good job at it?

Well I’ll have you know, I put the system to good use removing a couple month’s worth of growth – but more on that in a second.

How Does the Aqua Jet Razor Work?

The Aqua Razor Jet prides itself on being a revolutionary chemical-free shaving system. They say they are the first and only razor that does not require the use of foams, gels or other chemicals.

I searched for a while on Amazon for a similar product to no avail, so I’ll take them and their pending patent at their word. I suppose electric razors could fit that bill, but then you don’t really get as close of a shave with electric shavers as with a traditional shaving blade cartridge. So this is the first to market shaving system that has the convenience of an electric razor in terms of not lathering up shave gel with the performance of traditional razors.

It uses a stream of water to provide continuous lubrication to the blades. To generate that stream of water, you hook the razor up to your shower head with a T-fitting that allows you to redirect water to either the shower head as normal or to a jet of water at the end of the razor. You can also turn the valve halfway and have water from both the showerhead and the razor.

If you look closely, you can see the water. But you have to look really closely.

Actually shaving with it isn’t much different than a standard razor, though the heavy jet of water makes it a bit of a mess for shaving a beard at the sink, so it is definitely best used in the shower. You can also adjust the pressure slightly or turn it off completely using an inline valve in addition to the main handle.

The idea, according to the Aqua Razor Jet “About Page” is that it’ll feel like a hot towel shave.

I’m not necessarily sure if it was an amazingly relaxing experience to shave with the system, although the constant feeling of water running through the blades was unique. I will say that I no longer feel like procrastinating shaving. In the past, shaving was an entirely separate part of my routine. Sometimes I’d do it before I hopped in the shower, sometimes I’d do it before bed, sometimes I’d do it in a rush before a Tinder date and sometimes I’d look in the mirror and think “you look like a damn neck beard” and finally decide to put on some Barbasol and get back some beard pride…only to realize I needed to run to the store for more shaving cream and blades.

With the Aqua Jet Razor system installed in the shower, it has just become part of my shower routine. With their blades on subscription, I never need to worry about forgetting to add blades to the grocery list and I no longer fill up my bathroom trash can with aeresol cans that take thousands of years to decompose.

That’s a win. Win. Freaking win.

Installing the Aqua Jet Razor

Total install time was literally less than 5 minutes without even looking at the instructions. It took me longer to wrestle the box it came in open.

You simply unscrew your shower head and replace the shower head with the Aqua Jet Razor T-fitting and then re-install your shower head onto the fitting as well.

I’m a man. I didn’t read these.

There’s a mirror and shelf that also comes with it that just attaches with some adhesive. Now is probably as good of time as any to just point out that the mirror is kinda pointless if you try and shave during a shower since it fogs up.

I almost feel like the mirror is sort of a gimmick to allude it can be used for more than just shaving body hair below the neckline. Their website does note that the design of the Aqua Jet Razor means it is designed for use on long or short hair.

And It Does a Helluva Job At It

I was actually thoroughly impressed.

One of the best parts was how the jet of water kept the blades clean. One of the things that always frustrates me with these multi-blade heads is how hair, whether from beard stubble or a 1970’s groin bush, gets stuck in the blades.

And since that jet of water doubles as a lubricant, you end up with a smooth shave without any shaving creams. This means you end up with a chemical-free shave that’s gentle on your skin in the most delicate of places – not to mention it is a whole lot better for the environment since it doesn’t have all the unncessary chemicals found in shave foam.

What Happens When I Need More Blades?

Since the Aqua Jet Razor uses special blades that snap into the spray nozzle, you’ll need to order your blades. They have a convenient subscription program. I didn’t really do the math but considering you can eliminate shaving cream from the shave, you’ll probably end up saving some money since you only need to replace the blades.

Changing blades is a snap. Literally.

Pro Tip: Blades (regardless of where you get them) get dull from more than just normal wear from cutting hair. They also dull from a layer of microscopic rust and corrosion as a result of moisture. You can prolong your blades by patting them dry with a towel after every shave.

If you’d like to order the Aqua Jet Razor, head on over to their website.


Psst. They have a shaving system styled for women, too. I’m pretty sure your girlfriend will appreciate the experience and ease of use shaving her skin as you will. And if you don’t have a girlfriend, then head on over to our Tinder tips page after you get one of these bad boy Aqua Jet Razors ordered.

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    What an amazing and an detailed article. I saw this product all over tiktok but will definitely buy it now, thanks bro! 🙂


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