Bro, You’re Not a Narcissist

One of the major mental mind games narcissistic females play is deferring their self-absorbed personality disorder onto their victims. As a guy, we live in a society that’s difficult to heal from that because we are reinforced to believe we are at fault even in victim support groups where men hope to seek asylum.

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I Hate People Call Me A Great Dad On Social Media

When I feel insecure as a father, I turn to social media. I hate that. I hate that my crutch of validation is for other people to “like” my way to feeling good as a dad instead of directly from my kids. And I hate that social media also often encourages my inescurity as a father.

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If You Want To Change The Outcome, Change the Variables

The fact of the matter is, whether it is with dating or anything else in life, if you keep plugging in 3+2+3 you’re always going to get 8 and if you want a different result you have to change the variables. If you want to change your life, you have to change up how you live.

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