Your Dating Deck of Apps – The Best Dating Apps of 2019

If you want to win at Pokemon Cards you have to have a strong and versatile deck. You also have to understand what you’re doing because the different cards work well against different types of Pokemon.

You know what else works kind of like that?

Online dating. If you want to win you have to use a variety of apps that are strong and versatile. Oh, and you still have to understand what you’re doing. So we’re going to help you catch them all!!! Dating apps and girls that is. STD prevention is on you…just remember you can’t use earwax to check.

But why do I need a variety of different apps?

Here’s the thing, just as different Pokemon cards work well in different situations, different dating apps appeal to different types of girls. What is appealing to one girl about Tinder another is going to despise. This is in large part just based entirely upon how the apps present themselves and what demographic audience they choose to market to. Your moves may vary, but you’re largely going to see very different trends in the types of women and what they’re looking for on Hinge compared to Plenty of Fish.

With online dating being largely a game of numbers, you basically have to cast your net as wide as possible, which includes putting yourself out there to many different types of women.

So, let’s get started and figure out what apps you need in your deck and why.

Hinge Dating App Card
Bumble Dating App Card
Tinder Dating App Card
Coffee Meets Bagle Dating App Card

Have a suggestion for a dating app you love? Let us know in the comments!

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