Top Tips for Picking Up Women at Sport’s Events

When you think of picking up chicks, you probably think hitting up the local club, getting your flirt on at a dance club, or spending your night chatting up matches on Tinder. But what you might not have considered is how a sporting event can be prime pickings for hitting on women. You’ve got alcohol, you’ve got camaraderie with fellow fans, good vibes all around (if you’re winning at least) and women digging the uniqueness and confidence of approaching her in a non-traditional manner.

Just like any dating advice, there is no surefire method. This list of tips can’t guarantee you’re going to “score” with a woman you meet at the stadium, but if you’re going to try then here are some suggestions to improve your opportunities. Converting your target woman into a confirmed notch is down to you.


So a big part of lining up women at sports events is being observant of who they are with, why and where is might lead them after the game is over.

This also applies to you, my friend. They will be thinking the same thing about you. As a guy, you know everywhere you go you’re checking out women and although they tend to be a bit more low key about it, women are doing the same. Be rest assured women are just as likely to tap the shoulder of the girl beside her to say “hey, look at the cute guy over there…oh my God…shhh…don’t look now, he’s looking this way” as we are to say “hey, bruh, check out that girl’s ass”.

So the first piece of advice is one which will help you mitigate any thoughts she might have that you are not quite right or are a bit too dumb for her standards.

Don’t get hammered too early.

This may sound obvious, but on the day of the game, it’s way too easy to pile down a load of booze and be fucked up before kick or tip off. Now as an Englishman who drinks way too much and can’t remember going to a football (soccer) game sober in 20 years, I feel a bit like a hypocrite. Everyone loves to tailgate and its arguably a better place to flirt than the bar, but getting shit faced too early will cause you to start acting a fool while the day is still young. Next thing you know, you’re not holding your liquor well and a fun game of tailgating bags partnered up with a cute gal is turning into a shit show of stumbling around.

Trust me on this one, you need to stay level headed. Doing so allows you to track and observe without looking like a dick who is jumping around with his friends like an idiot. The stadium is full of those and she is not looking for that type of cat.

Get your props ready

So there are a couple of props that can help you in the next phase of your hunt.

Buy a program or player roster. This will come in useful later.

Also if you can square it away, bring a small hip flask or bottle of something with you too. All good prep for later on.

Bide Your Time

Before you go charging towards the bar like a dog on heat, take you time to survey the queue and who is approaching it. Are there 2-3 girls together in a group? Are they free of male company? Is there a family vibe in which the hot older sister is looking a little distracted? Is there a hen (bachelorette) party anywhere? Are there any women dressed in a way which would suggest they are more liberal with their body than most?

Survey your landscape. Don’t rush. You have all fucking day to get to the bar.

If you see an opportunity, try to get in front of the target in the queue (without barging in) and open your ears. Listen to what they are saying, which is quite often something totally unrelated to the sport you are witnessing.

As you get closer to the bar, listen again for whether they say anything like “I have no idea who is picthing” or “I don’t even know what’s going on or who they are playing” and shit like that.

This is when you make use of your first prop. At the right signal, turn and offer your program to them saying that it “sounds like you need it more than me, I just buy one as it’s an old habit that my family used to do at games” or something to that effect.

You need to be confident here and make sure one of them takes the program.

Your next move is to engage in some idle chat for just 10-15 seconds, maybe asking “Do you know what you want to drink at least?” to which you will probably get a laugh. Then you offer to let them go ahead of you whilst you pretend to fumble for your wallet or your cash.

This will let them know you are not a dick and also give you more time to chat with them whilst they are ordering.

Ask where they are sitting, offer a friendly tip as to where to get the best food and any other ideas that come into your head. Make a note of where they are sitting. This is important.

Hang Around a Bit

If you get a good vibe, say goodbye to them but suggest that you might see them around later.

After the first quarter of the game, no matter what sport you are watching, head towards the bar nearest their seats and begin observations again. You will see them at some point. They will need the restroom or the bar, so hang out but don’t look like a Lion waiting for the Zebra to turn up.

When you do see them make their bar approach you have to make an appearance again near the bar. This time, act a bit more excited and offer to buy them a drink, don’t let them say ‘no’, just suggest 2 beers or whatever, join the queue and watch them stand and wait for you.

Drinks & Conversion

Once the drinks are exchanged, its now down to you, brother. I cannot help anymore, but I can go with you in spirit.

The hip flask, you ask? Yes the hip flask. There is no doubt on your exit with said women, that there will be a wait in a line for a taxi or whatever. This is where the hip flask comes in as your greatest weapon, and a taste of what is to come as you suggest that cool bar you know for a few drinks.

This is also where you thank me for suggesting to go easy on the booze to this point. You don’t want to be all fucked up and slurring when suggesting a place you know is a conversion zone for you. Make sure you talk lucidly about the after game drink and that you take them someplace good, not your local dive bar. Unless they are into that.

Gentlemen, patience, and observation is the key. There are 10s of thousands of people at a sports event, and at least 20% of them are women. In horse racing it’s even more at around 50%, so bide your time, don’t get too drunk too early, and may whatever spirit you choose to go with you on your hip.

Harry Oliver is a sports mad ex reprobate who now passes on anecdotal advice to the needy.

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Harry Oliver

Harry Oliver is a sports writer for TheSporting.Blog. When he's not writing about sports in the UK, he occasionally guest contributes articles involving meeting women in the world of sports.

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